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How can I get all the establishments of my organization

When I try to retrieve my organization establishments IDs, I can't find a way to get them. There is no endpoint to get establishment ids and even via my dashboard I can't get my establishment IDs. How am I supposed to get them ? I can't even eupdate them because I don't have any ID

Error in openapi spec for login

Hi, I noticed an error in your openapi generated file for path /login email and password is specified as query parameter instead of multipart properties. Here the correct format # Authentication "/login": post: tags: [Authentication] summary: Login description: "User login by email and password. Used only on Sinao API. CloudAccounting API needs a different API key" operationId: auth.login requestBody: content: multipart/form-data: schema: type: object properties: email: type: string format: email required: true description: "Email for login" password: type: string required: true description: "Password for login in clear text" responses: "200": description: Successful Operation "401": description: Invalid password "404": description: Email address not found "422": description: No password defined

Can't create establishment ?

Why is there no endpoint to create an establishment and link it to an organization ? Are you supposed to update an organization to add an establishment ?

How to create a person with undefined civility

Hi, Writting because I can't create a person via api with a null civility. It default the person with 'M.'. I tried null, undefined, empty string, blankspace, absence of field and nothing works